Blog Preview: A week with Apple Watch

I’ll be posting a new blog tomorrow reviewing my week with Apple Watch. I originally had planned to do an initial review but preferred to really put the Apple Watch through some tests. Check back tomorrow for my review “A week with ... read more

It’s official, my  Watch Sport will be here 4/24

Barring any complications from UPS my Apple Watch Sport will be in my hands on Friday (official launch day). Currently my Watch is sitting at some warehouse in Mt. Juliet TN (I hope their security is good). Mt. Juliet is just over 2.5 hours from my hometown, and... read more

Pebble Smartwatch

With the approach of the Apple Watch I decided to purchase a Pebble Watch. With this purchase I had every intention of curbing my desire to spend too much money on an Apple Watch (see how that worked out in another blog on Friday, hopefully). Let me say this.... read more

Tech Blog Coming Soon

“I’m usually a day behind. I like to let someone else get the first of something so they can help me make my decision. I understand that a tech blog will require me to become one of those poor fools (or awesome early adopters) that gives a review. I’ll do my best…”

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Apple Watch Countdown









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