It’s official, my  Watch Sport will be here 4/24

It’s official, my  Watch Sport will be here 4/24

Barring any complications from UPS my Apple Watch Sport will be in my hands on Friday (official launch day). Currently my Watch is sitting at some warehouse in Mt. Juliet TN (I hope their security is good). Mt. Juliet is just over 2.5 hours from my hometown, and I’d be lying if I said the thought of a road trip hadn’t crossed my mind.

For those interested I purchased the 38mm Sport with a white band as I’m not a big fan of, well, big watches. After stopping by Apple for a try-on appointment I’v discovered the 42mm would have been a good fit…oh well.

As for the Silver/White decision, I had it narrowed down to the Space Gray with Black Band vs the Silver with White band but ultimately available stock made my decision for me. When I logged on to cast my preorder the Space Gray 38mm was already showing a 4-6 week delivery time, so Silver/White it is. I’ll likely purchase an additional band later down the road. The Product (Red) sport band that’s been spotted out in the wild has my eye.

Less than 48 hours remaining…#firstworldproblems I know but, hey if you can’t be excited about something in life, what’s the point?

That’s all for now, I’ll give a quick review of the Watch once I’ve used it a little.