Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch

With the approach of the Apple Watch I decided to purchase a Pebble Watch. With this purchase I had every intention of curbing my desire to spend too much money on an Apple Watch (see how that worked out in another blog on Friday, hopefully).

Let me say this. I’m not getting rid of my Pebble because I didn’t like the way it worked. Actually, it almost succeeded in preventing the aforementioned purchase. In the end, the primary reason for abandoning my Pebble is lack of features. In a month from now I may be singing a different tune, but for now I’m very giddy about by battery hogging feature filled replacement for my Pebble.

On to the actual review. Pairing the Pebble with my iPhone was a breeze. Notifications uses Bluetooth LE so battery drain doesn’t appear to be a major issue while working with the Pebble. The first thing I learned is currently you can only have 8 apps/watch faces on your Pebble at a time. I never found this to be a huge deal as I filled it with a couple of “nerdy” faces, the Starbucks connected “JavaPay” app and Smartwatch+ (a premium paid app from the App Store). My understanding is that Pebble Watch 3.0 will remove the limit, I probably won’t still have mine when that rolls out.

I keep three faces on my watch at all times. A Star Trek delight featuring LCARS, an analog face that features military time, and a tweaked version of the Pebble time in text face. I’ve used my Pebble along with RunKeeper to track runs, which is great and motivating. I’ve used JavaPay at Starbucks, so far it’s worked great. Smartwatch+ is good, I’m not sure I would have paid for it or not. The weather function is great, but that’s about it.

My absolute favorite things about this watch are it’s simple display. It stays on all the time and yet I still get a good 5 days without a charge. I might could get 6 days, but I don’t like to let it get that low. The magnetic charger connection could use some work, maybe Pebble Time will be better. It snugs up but really doesn’t secure well. I also really like that the watch will accept any 22mm band.

As I said before this phone isn’t lacking in some great features….but it does lack a few big ones. Like the ability to send and receive texts/calls, heartbeat sensor, Wi-Fi and major App support.

If some of the higher cost Smartwatches aren’t your thing but you want to be in the next level of technology, a Pebble is the way to go! I highly recommend the purchase of one if you are considering it.