Tech Blog Coming Soon

Tech Blog Coming Soon

Well, here goes. I’m going to give this tech blog thing a shot. I really love technology and gadgetry, so why not share a little of what I know.


Ok so here’s the thing about the way I tend to purchase my tech gear. I’m usually a day behind. I like to let someone else get the first of something so they can help me make my decision. I understand that a tech blog will require me to become one of those poor fools (or awesome early adopters) that gives a review. I’ll do my best (hint: I think you should come back Friday…I may have a brand new launch day item to review).

For now I’m going to go back and hit a few items that I’ve only recently purchased, who knows this might still help.

Let me get this out of the way early on too. I’m Pro-Apple. A lot of my friends and people that know me consider me an “Apple Fanboy”. I’m not sure I feel this to be an accurate portrayal of me. I prefer most any Apple product to their counterpart but I didn’t start out this way. Just a few years ago I was Pro-Windows/Pro-Android. One day I’ll do a whole separate blog about how I 180’d and never looked back. With that said I don’t have a hatred for Samsung, Motorola, Windows or any competing manufacturer. They all make wonderful products, they just aren’t my preferred devices of choice.

That’s enough for now. There will be more to come.